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Photoshop happy!

On a boring, slightly cold Wednesday night, I decided to play around with Photoshop for a bit...and these are some banners/whatevers I made.. :] Don't steal w/o permission, though I don't know why you'd take it anyway.. XD

[AMV] Cat and Mouse - Tamaki x Haruhi

My very first AMV I've ever made! woo~

Song : Cat and Mouse
Artist : The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Lyrics : http://www.lyricsandsongs.com/song/667409.html
Anime : Ouran Highschool Host Club
Pairing : TamakixHaruhi

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ume-kun update. :)

Began 9 . 17 . 06
Updated 12. 02. 06

Pairing/Character: Umehito Nekozawa
Theme set: Beta
Theme(s): 04, 06, 10, 11, 21, 26, 36, 38, 39, 43, AC, AC
# of icons in post: 012/100
# of icons completed total: 028

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nekozawa colorbar


one colorbar. :)

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3o icons :D

death note - o2
ouran highschool host club - 1o
air gear - o6
howl's moving castle - o3
final fantasy XII - o8
= equals 30.
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100 nekozawa icons !!

Began 9 . 17 . 06
Updated 11 . 05 . 06

Pairing/Character: Umehito Nekozawa
Theme set: Beta
Theme(s): 07, 24, 27, 45.
# of icons in post: 004/100
# of icons completed total: 016

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DEF TECH~ my waaay~~

Okay, well half of def tech. Only Shen came, not Micro...but still very. VERY cool.

The reason he came was because he's a graduate of Iolani~~ -nod-
& he showed us the tour video, gave some awesome commentary, and then answered questions..



OOH, and the funniest part..
A boy in the grade below me asked Shem if he could sing for us, so he started singing "My Way." Then before we knew it, the boy started singing along (he had another mic in hand)...it was soo funny~~ xD
& then later, the same boy got the mic again, and ran up to the front of the Hall and rapped together with Shen! xDD It was soo funny, Shen was getting a kick out of it!!

It was very informative, too. I'm so glad I went to see him during lundh! It kicked sooo much ass.

Nekozawa drabble - He adored...

I guess you'd call it a crack!fic, since this is a short drabble about Nekozawa, and why he's afraid of sunlight.

title : He adored...
fandom : Ouran Highschool Host Club (Nekozawa)
genere : slight angst

Defnately crack, since it came from my imagination. xD Y'know, since this probably never happened anyway..o_O;;
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I was bored, and decided to see if there were okhc characters on myspace...and here's some of what I found!

I only posted the ones I found & that weren't 'friends only' or abandoned. I also didn't add in the blogs that weren't really IC. Screw that, OOC blogs amuse me.

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